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Taking the High Road

We are a company that embraces diversity. We strive to model compassion and appreciation for each other. We are very proud of the courage of one of our employees. Our hope is that others will find inspiration in her example of compassionate and healing leadership. This is her story (via her Facebook post). The past […]

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Follow My Dreams

Orion ISO is very excited to be able to feature a guest journalist. Kayla is a part of our Personal Supports program and we thank her for this contribution. My dream has been to be a journalist. It feels so good to be a writer. I want to tell you about myself. I am 24 […]

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A Brief Synopsis of my Journey

Hello, for all intents and purposes, I go by the writer’s alias “Serge C Catzen.” My life history is a long story. I was born in Chile and placed up for adoption shortly after I was born. I was born after my mother fell down the stairs which caused a stress induced labor 4 months […]

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Tiffany Johnson

Thirteen years ago I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after three surgeries, false diagnoses, a lot of pain and missed work. When I didn’t heal from the last surgery, it was the surgeon who said, “It’s Crohn’s Disease.” Steroids and oral medications didn’t help much. I had been exhibiting symptoms for about nine years […]

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Finding the Best Support

My son Cody, who is going to be six in January, has a rare genetic chromosome disorder called Isodicentric Chromosome 15, or IDIC15 for short. We got the diagnosis when he was 15 months old, but how we got there is a story that will probably be somewhat familiar to other parents. In our case, […]

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Down’s Syndrome Doesn’t Stop Dylan!

Liz Knudsen, mother of Dylan We weren’t prepared for it ahead of time, but 21 years ago my son Dylan was born with Down’s Syndrome. The hospital had us get in touch with our county social services office, and at age two weeks, we had already gotten a visit from physical therapists from the Mahtomedi […]

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Through Tough Times to Living Independently

My son Dustin was diagnosed with autism, and has struggled to gain as much independence as he can. He is vulnerable to many people and situations, and that has been a pattern through his life. He is 23 now, and in addition to autism he also suffers from a mental illness. Like many people on […]

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Each Day is a Miracle

My son Darnell likes to be called “the man,” or “the king,” and his sister and I smile because we are so happy that he is still part of our lives. He IS “the man” to us. He has always had disabilities but was very high functioning, and able to go to school. Darnell has […]

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