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Where Does Orion ISO Provide Services?

Orion ISO is one of the largest organizations of its kind in Minnesota and was one of the first to provide self- directed services in the state. Our related organization, Morning Star Financial Services, provides fiscal intermediary services in Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Utah.

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What Do You Mean by Self-Directed, or Participant-Directed Services?

Self-directed services means that participants or their representatives have decision-making authority over certain services and manage their services with supports like those provided by Orion ISO. Self-directed services gives participants the responsibility for managing all aspects of service, more control and more flexibility regarding the services they receive.

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How Can Someone Contact Orion ISO Directly?

Contact a representative at Orion ISO by calling 763-450-5041 or by using the form below (select “Orion ISO” in drop-down). Agencies or insurance plans interested in working with Orion ISO may contact Orion ISO Program Manager Erin Huldeen at 763-450-5041 or by using the form below. Contact Us

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Please visit our other websites for a full listing of our services:

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