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Sun shinning above the clouds

Each Day is a Miracle

My son Darnell likes to be called “the man,” or “the king,” and his sister and I smile because we are so happy that he is still part of our lives. He IS “the man” to us. He has always had disabilities but was very high functioning, and able to go to school. Darnell has […]

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sibling playing at the park

When a Sibling Supports

My younger brother Terry, who was born when I was 16, lived with my mother in Florida for most of his adult life. I didn’t see them much due to living out-of-state, going to college and starting married life with my husband. I didn’t know that he had developmental issues until I got a call […]

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Mom and son hugging

Learning to Communicate

When my son Javon was 7, we met a little girl his age at a bar-b-q who asked him if he was retarded. He hesitated for a moment, then said confidently, “No, I’m autistic. My mom says that I communicate differently.” They happily went off to play. It took awhile to get to that moment […]

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Bruce Byron

In 2007, I found out that I had Asperger’s Syndrome, and in 2010, I developed Cushing’s Syndrome, and tumors on each adrenal gland. I had surgery to remove the tumors and had a lot of medications to take as a result. My sister found Meridian Services on the web, and the services that they provided […]

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Girl walking in the fall

A Caretaker’s Journey

We are posting two stories that express the writers experiences as parents. This writer has chosen not to identify herself in an effort to protect her daughter’s privacy. We are grateful to both writers for their generosity in sharing their stories. This account of a parent coming to terms with her child’s disability, came from […]

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Missy and Gracie

We are posting two stories that express the writers experiences as parents. This writer works with the consumer directed program in Minnesota. Our organization is fortunate that Missy brings the perspective of a parent with a child with a disability to her professional work with our program. We are grateful to both writers for their […]

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Older couple holding hands

Making a Meaningful Connection

I was a caretaker to a woman who had been physically fit when she was a child, but as an adult had lost spasticity in her muscles and was a quadriplegic. A friend recommended that I look at the position, but I had never been a personal care assistant (PCA) before, and I didn’t have […]

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