Jasmine Rose

ISO Coordinator / 763-450-5055

Jasmine is an ISO Coordinator for  Orion Associates.


Jasmine is currently working towards her B.A. in Communications.


Prior to joining the ISO Coordinator team with Orion Associates, Jasmine has had 15 years of Customer Service experience. Starting in retail and restaurants Jasmine worked her way into being a Sr. Lead for Customer Service in a fast past call center. Jasmine comes to Orion as a tenacious problem solver, one who knows how to provide an excellent experience for the clients she works with.


In Jasmine’s free time, she likes to take her three kids on adventurers at parks and nature reserves. Jasmine spends a lot of time studying and when she isn’t studying or taking care of her kids she likes to sit as a family and watch a movie.

Personal Statement

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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