Missy Schraut

ISO Coordinator / 763-450-5055

Missy Schraut

Missy is an ISO Coordinator with Orion Associates. She is responsible for helping to support consumers and families in managing their Consumer Directed Community Support portion of their waiver and grant services.


Missy’s education includes a certificate in accounting from Rasmussen Business School and obtaining a Bachelors of Arts in History, with an emphasis in American Studies, and a minor in Anthropology.


Joining Orion Associates in 1999, Missy was initially hired to work in the company’s Accounting Department, processing payroll. During Consumer Directed Community Support’s significant growth in 2001, she added expense reimbursement and tracking waiver dollars to her job description. As the program continued to grow, so has Missy’s involvement with Orion ISO, leading to her current position as an ISO Coordinator.


Missy and her husband Jeff, reside in Sartell, along with their two young daughters, Bailey and Gracie, and their dog Nanook. She loves spending time working in her garden, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Personal Statement

Missy is very grateful for the opportunities that she has be given while working with Orion Associates.
She believes that one of the best benefits of working at Orion has been the people that she has worked with. Although Missy’s role has changed many times since she began, she has remained dedicated to her job and to Orion’s mission and vision. It has been wonderful to see the impact that we can have on others, when often times we feel we are only “just doing our job.” Missy believes that it is her diverse background, including both her work and educational training, that makes her an asset to both the organization and to those she serves.
It is her goal to help those who utilize our services to live their life to the fullest.

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