Samantha Kuglin

ISO Coordinator

Samantha is an ISO Coordinator for  Orion Associates.


Samantha’s education includes Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Social Work from Winona State University and Master of Liberal Arts degree in Child, Youth and Family Welfare Social Work from University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Prior to joining the ISO Coordinator team with Orion Associates, Samantha has worked as an Event Coordinator at a local golf course during her Master’s Program. After graduating, she took a job opportunity from her internship as a Mental Health Practitioner in an Autism Day Treatment then transferred to Allina Health working with a Project Improvement Team implementing processes to centralize Staffing and Scheduling.


Marrying her High School sweetheart and reside in NE Minneapolis with their two fur babies; Chloe (Black Lab) and Bradford (Orange Tabby Cat). Samantha enjoys being active taking fitness classes such as Heat Yoga, Cycling and Kickboxing at the gym nearby her home. During the “above zero months,” Samantha may be found enjoying the outdoors, walking around Minnehaha Falls with her dog. When Samantha is not working her full and part time job, she enjoys time with her family and friends.

Personal Statement

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”!

-Audrey Hepburn

Being an individual with a disability (genetic hearing loss); I continue to challenge myself everyday by not letting my hearing loss define who I am and what I can/can’t do. As Audrey quote above, nothing is impossible!

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