Zach Garcia

ISO Director / 763-452-1763

Zach Garcia

Zach is an ISO Director with Orion Associates.


Zach received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater and Music from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin in 2011.


Zach’s expertise lies in non-profit programming and administration. He has worked extensively with youth performing arts organizations across the Midwest. Zach previously worked in the Human Resources department with Orion Associates prior to moving to Orion ISO.


Zach is a local professional actor and vocalist in the Twin Cities in addition to working with Orion Associates. He has worked as an arts educator and artistic director of youth arts organizations across the Midwest. Zach originally hails from the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. He enjoys theatre, music, kayaking, running, and the outdoors.

Personal Statement

If you commit to something, do it passionately, without question, and without regrets.

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