New Employee Orientation Training

Required Orion ISO Policies and Training

Welcome!  This is the training page where you will read the required policies and complete the required training  in order for you to work in this position.  The entire training should take around 22 hours.  You are required to complete all of the steps on this page.

Step 1:  Read these Policies:

  1. Drug and Alcohol Policy
  2. Grievance Policy and Procedure
  3. Service Suspension and Termination Policy
  4. Data Privacy Policy and Training
  5. ISO Emergency Procedures
  6. Minnesota Provider Notice of Privacy Practices
  7. Safe Transportation Policy
  8. Universal Precautions and Sanitary Practices Policy
  9. Deficit Reduction Act Policy
  10. Maltreatment of Minors Policy and Procedures
  11. Vulnerable Adult Policy and Procedure
  12. Incident Response, Review, and Reporting

Step 2: Complete these Training Modules

  1. Job Description
  2. Minnesota Maltreatment Laws
  3. Service Recipient Rights
  4. Basics of Person-Centeredness
  5. Person Service Delivery Requirements
  6. Blood-borne Pathogens
  7. First Aid Introduction and Skills
  8. Personal Hygiene and ADLs
  9. Nutrition Basics
  10. De-escalation techniques
  11. Waste, Fraud, and Abuse
  12. Emergency Use of Manual Restraint
  13. Positive Supports

Step 3: Complete the Employee Orientation Acknowledgement Form

Step 4: (If needed) Complete Medication Assistance Training

Contact Human Resource Specialist to arrange a time for the Medication Assistance Training if needed at or 612-400-6412.

Below are the times to record on your time-card for doing your training.

Required Policies and Training Standard Hours
Drug and Alcohol Policy .25 hours
Grievance Policy and Procedure .25 hours
Service Suspension and Termination Policy .25 hours
Data Privacy Policy and Training .5 hours
Emergency Procedures .25 hours
MN Provider Notice of Privacy Practices / HIPAA .25 hours
Safe Transportation Policy .25 hours
Universal Precautions and Sanitary Practices Policy .5 hours
Orion ISO Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 Policy .25 hours
Emergency Use of Manual Restraints .5 hours
Maltreatment of Minors Policy .75 hours
Vulnerable Adult Policy and Training .75 hours
Incident Response, Review and Reporting .75 hours
Job Description .5 hours
Service Recipient Rights .5 hours
Basics of Person-Centeredness .5 hours
Person Service Delivery Requirements .25 hours
Blood-borne Pathogens .5 hours
First Aid Video and Post-Test 1 hour
Personal Hygiene and ADLs and Post Test .5 hours
Nutrition/Healthy Diet Basics and Post Test .5 hours
De-escalation Techniques 1.5 hours
Waste, Fraud, and Abuse .25 hours
Supervised On the Job Training 2 hours (must be done onsite)
Medication Administration Class (if needed) 2 hours
Positive Supports Training 7 hours

Total: 22.5 hours
(20.5 hours if Med Class is not applicable)

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