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    Providing Self-Directed Services for People with Disabilities, the Elderly and Their Families

    Providing Self-Directed Services for People with Disabilities, the Elderly and Their Families

    Consumer-Directed Community Supports

    Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) is a flexible service option that allows individuals and families to hire and manage their own employees. Individuals can choose their employees’ rate of pay and work schedule as well as purchase approved goods and services to meet their needs.

    Consumer Support Grant

    The Consumer Support Grant (CSG) allows individuals monthly funding that can be used to purchase a variety of services and supports such as staffing, therapy, equipment, supplies, nutrition, and transportation.

    Personal Supports

    Personal Supports is a licensed traditional service option that allows individuals staffing support, homemaker, chore, and/or respite care.

Orion ISO has been awarded the FMS (Financial Management Services) Contract and will continue to provide services to you!

Orion ISO is one the largest and oldest providers of participant-directed services in the state of Minnesota, and we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded an FMS contract. Orion ISO will transition from a Fiscal Support Entity (FSE) to a Financial Management Services Provider (FMS).  We are excited and honored to continue providing self-directed services in Minnesota and look forward to being your FMS provider.

8.4% Temporary Covid-19 Budget Increase for CDCS and CSG

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Resource Center Quick Links

Orion ISO is committed to providing individuals with quick and easy access to the information they need.  Click on the links below to downloads and submit forms, view expense summaries, or submit a timesheet.

Customer Satisfaction

Over 99% of respondents to our latest Customer Satisfaction Survey reported they were either satisfied or very satisfied with Orion ISO’s overall services.

We have been with Orion ISO for almost 5 years. Through those years it has always been a positive experience. I can only say great things about this company. The staff have been so wonderful to us! Very patient, understanding and easy to work with. They really put their hearts into their work to make sure that we are taken care of.

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As a company that strives toward social justice for all people, we have a message to share with our stakeholders, employees, and our network in the Minnesota community and around the world:

We value and support the diversity of all individuals. We respect and welcome people of different ethnicities, ages, genders, religions, races, classes, physical abilities, mental abilities, nationalities, sexual preferences, and expressions.

We stand up to stereotyping and discrimination of individuals based on these traits. We seek to understand and learn from cultures that might be different from our own, and we encourage our communities to do the same.

We are grateful for the opportunities we've had to work closely with people from different backgrounds, and we are committed to being an organization in which all people feel safe, accepted and heard.

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