Minnesota announces Community First Services and Supports will start October 1st, 2024

CFSS is a new self-directed flexible health care program that helps support people living in the community with day-to-day activities and is funded through Medical Assistance, waiver and Alternative Care programs. CFSS will replace two current services: traditional Personal Care Assistant (PCA) & PCA Choice and the Consumer Support Grant (CSG). CFSS will be implemented on a rolling basis, at your next regular yearly service renewal.

To be eligible for CFSS, a person must:

  • Have been given an assessment
  • Live in their own home
  • Be enrolled in one of Minnesota’s health care programs
  • Be able to direct their own care or have a representative who can act on their behalf

CFSS has two models you may choose from: the Agency Model and the Budget Model

If you are currently using Consumer Support Grant (CSG) services with Orion ISO, you will be able to continue using our services through the CFSS Budget model. Orion ISO will help individuals hire their own staff and purchase goods and services using the Budget Model. Orion ISO can also support Agency Model users if they would like to have a budget for goods and services.

Although no action is needed at this time, please note that Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN DHS) will require Community First Services and Supports (CFSS) participants to work with a Consultation Service Provider to help support you in writing, reviewing, and approving your CFSS Budget Model support plan. Further updates will be announced by MN DHS for service renewals due after 10/1/2024.

Orion ISO strives to provide high quality services to our self-directing participants and our mission is to continue serving you proudly through the CFSS transition!

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