Orion ISO’s 10 Commitments to Excellent Customer Service

Orion ISO’s 10 Commitments to Excellent Customer Service Excellent customer service is a core value at Orion ISO. It drives every decision we make. Without our customers, Orion ISO would not exist. Satisfied customers are a requirement for our continued success. These are our 10 Commitments, the rules by which we live and work by […]

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Orion ISO… Serving People Throughout Minnesota

Orion ISO’s related company, Meridian Services, was founded in 1980, in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Meridian focused on providing services in greater Minnesota where access to quality services were not as readily available as in the Twin Cities area. In 1993, Meridian expanded to the Twin Cities, but the heart of the company remains where it […]

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Woman reading to an elderly woman

Orion ISO is Committed to Providing Services to the Elderly

Orion ISO is committed to serving people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. With 13 years experience providing services to the elderly, we are particularly invested in the wellbeing of Minnesota’s seniors.   Our focus at Orion ISO is to meet the needs of each individual. We have tailored many of our systems and processes […]

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Orion ISO’s Translation Services

At Orion ISO, we understand the communities in Minnesota are diverse and strive to serve the cultural and linguistic needs of all our clients. Through our partner CQ Fluency, we are proud to provide translation services in 175 languages. We are also able to provide services in American Sign Language for those who are deaf […]

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Self-Direction; a Cost Effective and Cost Efficient Service Option

Self-directed services for people with disabilities are a cost-effective option that appeals to both the individuals receiving services and state governments trying to manage a limited budget. With self-directed services the notion that “you can do more with less” has proven to be true. Many studies have shown dramatic cost savings on individual and overall […]

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