Name: Nakia Gresham
Position: Morning Sun Alabama Program Coordinator/ HR Specialist
How long have you worked for the company: 10 months

Describe what summer is like in the state you live:

In Alabama, during the summer months, it is hot and the humidity is suffocating so we tend to do the majority of activities in the early morning, evening, and/or night hours.  Kids usually do a lot of summer programs here along with many barbecues and weekend fish fries.  We tend to have a lot of outside events in our downtown district which has an open street bar policy so you can walk around with your favorite spirit.  We take boat rides on the Harriott II, up and down the Alabama River.

There are summer movie nights the amphitheater, where you just bring a picnic and blanket.  There is food truck Sundays in Hampstead (an upscale community here).  A weekend trip to the beach (Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Destin, Fl – is not out of the question since it only takes about 2.5 hours to reach or Lake Martin one hour away.  Some use the summer months to visit Disney World (8-hour drive or 2 hours by plane)  or Atlanta 1.5 hours) for the Aquarium and/or the city vibes which is pretty awesome!

What is your favorite childhood memory of summer?

Catching Fireflies and hearing the locust start to sing which meant it was time to come in the house for dinner…lol  Walking barefoot around my grandmother’s yard watering flowers in her garden and swimming at my aunts’ home, not to mention our two-week vacation to Richmond, Virginia.  Having slumber parties and hanging out with friends all day.

Do you have any summer traditions now?

We have a tendency to go to our neighborhood pool daily in the summer.  We spend a lot of time on our outside patio or at my mom’s.  We go to restaurants that have a patio.  Even though it’s hot we tend to spend a lot of time outside in the summer days.  We also take evening strolls after dinner time in the summer months.

Closing thoughts:  I love working for the company it has challenged me to grow in areas like never before.  I am excited about the future and what I get to do daily.  Although I am not physically based in Minnesota I do feel a divine connection with each person I meet and know they are a part of my team.


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