Bryan Close

As you know we are very proud of our hardworking, dynamic group of employees.  So proud in fact that we want to provide you with the opportunity to get to know them better and find out for yourself why we think they are so great!


Here are 10, actually 13 things you probably don’t know about Bryan:


  1. I’ve worked for the company for 3 Years. My main job duties consist of managing and supporting the employees who process reimbursements, payments and place orders for the people we serve.


  1. What I love most about my job is my co-workers and team and knowing that every payment has a purpose behind it.


  1. The most challenging part of my job is making sure my team has everything they need to be successful.


  1. My favorite TV show is Seinfeld.


  1. A hidden talent of mine I’ll disclose is that I honestly have never lost a game of Madden Football.


  1. A favorite quote of mine is: “I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.” – Mitch Hedberg


  1. My dream vacation would be a fly-in Canadian fishing trip.


  1. My favorite meal growing up was mac & cheese with hotdogs. It was something my mom made me as a kid and now my daughter cannot get enough of it!


  1. Growing up I wanted to be a professional baseball player, more specifically, 1st Baseman for the San Francisco Giants.


  1. I’m most proud of my wife and kids.


  1. Right now I’m passionate about sleep! My wife and I have a zero year old (1 month) boy (Kellan) and a 2 year old girl (Brynlee).


  1. I have 2 dogs – Pippy (miniature pinscher) and Dublin (Terrier Mix).


  1. A final random fact to share: If I’m out of the office, I’m probably fishing!
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