stars-1312688__18080 million viewers tuned in for last week’s presidential debate.  In comparison, the Obama-Rodney debates averaged about 67 million. However, the 80 million doesn’t even include all of the 12 channels that carried it nor those who streamed it online. YouTube alone had 2.5 million simultaneous viewers. The total viewership is projected to be significantly higher once all the numbers are reported. If you tuned in you were part of an American record for the most watched debate!

There is a vice presidential debate on Tuesday October 4th and the remaining two presidential debates will be on Sunday the 10th and Wednesday the 19th. There are also numerous state and local debates if you look online. Don’t forget, Election Day is Tuesday the 8th of November.

For everyone working with consumers, here are the MN Voting Right and Rules and what to do if you are in a residential facility and wish to vote.

Here are the three important federal initiatives to learn more about:

  1. Emergency funding for Zika research.
  2. Support for Kevin and Avonte’s Law, which is to develop training and protocols to help prevent and reduce harm for wandering by children with developmental disabilities from search and rescue efforts.
  3. Getting full funding for Social Security.

If you need to find out who represents you go to this will direct you to your officials profile and website where you can see how to contact them.

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