file-groupStaff and volunteers from Morning Sun Financial Services and its related non-profit, Headwaters Relief Organization, recently spent several days assisting with the cleanup efforts from the wildfires that devastated east Tennessee in December.

Morning Sun serves as the statewide financial management service and supports brokerage agency for individuals who self-direct their services on the Self-Determination Waiver. The East region supports brokers, Vivian Abbas and Ashlee Willett, hauled debris for residents high up in the Great Smoky Mountains. Tennessee Program Administrator Brandi Osborne, along with Middle region supports broker Heather Anschuetz, sifted through ash and remains in order to recover possessions for homeowners.

Minnesota & Colorado volunteers from Morning Sun and Headwaters Relief Organization sorted food and clothing items at the Gatlinburg & Knoxville area survivors’ warehouse, where over half a million pounds of clothes were donated from all over the United States.

Morning Sun volunteers also raised over $1,500 towards the wildfire relief efforts with financial contributions from its technical assistance firm, Marco.

file-7 file5Tennessee Wildfire Relief

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