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Orion Associates offers an extensive variety of training opportunities through its professional training services. From those just starting out in the social services industry, to the seasoned professional, to family members, to those with disabilities; there is truly something for everyone.


The company offers both public and private training on site in their Golden Valley facility as well as in-house, customized training for organizations throughout the Twin Cities. Attendees will get a high quality classroom experience, relevant course materials, interactive sessions and an overall culture that is conducive to the ultimate learning experience.


With almost 100 classes in rotation, their broad training curriculum offers lots of variety.  Courses are taught either by Orion’s experienced staff or respected training professionals in the Twin Cities.


Orion’s professional training services include the following categories:


    • New employee orientation – including classes on vulnerable adult, medication administration, first aid and CPR.


    • Caring for the professional – including coaching and mentoring programs, maintaining job satisfaction as well as mindfulness and wellness classes.


    • Professional leadership – including classes on diversity, employee development, leadership and practical work issues like unemployment and FMLA.


    • Caring for the consumer – including classes on specific disabilities like brain injury, fetal alcohol syndrome and a multitude of classes on challenging behaviors.


To review the entire Orion Associates course catalog and/or register for a class online, please visit


Orion Associates is proud to be able to offer most of their classes at no cost to family members of those served by one of its related entities (Meridian Services, Zenith Services, Orion ISO and Morning Star Financial Services).


Orion Associates is a related entity of Orion ISO and Morning Star Financial Services.  It is a management service that provides finance, human resources and training to primarily social services organizations.  To learn more about Orion Associates click here.

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