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Orion ISO is proud to provide services to all people with respect to language, culture, location and ability. We understand that everyone has different communication needs and  we are able to customize our services to meet every individual’s needs. Our focus at Orion ISO is to meet each potential person’s needs and adapt our communication style to fit their unique needs.


We are proud to work with such a diverse population, including those individuals who are blind, deaf or hard of hearing. Orion ISO has tailored many of our services to fit these unique populations. We have the ability to work with this group, no matter the preferred communication method, by ensuring our services, information and staff are easily accessible to all.


We feel it is very important to meet with individuals in person whenever possible. When someone is interested in beginning services with Orion ISO, they are assigned to an ISO Coordinator. This Coordinator is the main point of contact for all of their service needs. The Coordinator is always available to meet with people at a desired location and time to initiate services. The Coordinator is also available for ongoing training as necessary to ensure everyone gets the most out their services.


Our personal approach, including in-person meetings and ongoing training, provide a foundation for better communication as well as the ability to meet the unique needs of each and every individual.


Many modern technologies help us adapt our services to meet these needs as well. Over the years we’ve continued to enhance our services by providing more online access to important tools and forms, including online expense summaries, web-based timesheet reporting and even training options. We also use video phone, TTY, Skype and other forms of video chat, cell phone with text messaging and many other visual aids as appropriate to facilitate strong communication between our staff and those we serve. Orion ISO also employs staff who are knowledgeable in sign language and we work with reputable interpreters who are available whenever requested or when we believe it would be beneficial. In fact, we are capable of providing services in 176 different languages.


Orion ISO is committed to going above and beyond to serve and communicate with anyone who would like to use self-directed services. We will adapt our services to meet the unique needs of any individual with respect to language, culture, location and ability.

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