Golden Valley, Minn. September 24, 2013 – Representatives from Orion ISO, a Minnesota fiscal agent, announced they have introduced new administrative capabilities to further improve services provided for those with disabilities and the elderly in the state. These include upgrades to online time reporting and a unique new interpretive service for Hmong, Somali and Spanish-speaking state residents.

“Regular surveys to assess consumer satisfaction have been part of our standard procedures for quite some time. Each survey provides us with valuable information on ways to continuously improve Orion ISO’s services,” said Erin Huldeen, Program Administrator for Orion ISO. “Continuous improvement combined with the highest possible quality of service is one of the foundations of our mission as an organization.”

A major improvement to Orion ISO services is the introduction of an interpretive business partner able to translate more than 50 languages, including Chinese, Hindi, Hmong, Somali and Somali Bantu, Spanish and Russian. The interpreters are available statewide for consumers who prefer to converse in their native language. “Providing robust interpretive services and a general understanding of specific cultures helps us support those we serve even more fully, and hopefully encourage those not currently supported to enroll with Orion ISO in the state of Minnesota,” said Huldeen.

Orion ISO also announced that in addition to email, mail and fax-enabled time reporting capabilities, Orion ISO has completed a website upgrade that allows for 100% online timesheet reporting. While keeping administrative payroll processes consistent, employees may now enter time online, to be approved by their managing employers.

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