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Respondents from latest Customer Satisfaction Survey report high marks for overall services


Representatives from Orion ISO, one of the largest providers of self-directed services in Minnesota, reported over 99% of respondents in the latest Customer Satisfaction Survey were either satisfied or very satisfied with overall services. The findings show Orion ISO received over a 95% satisfaction rate for reporting, payroll and expense reimbursement. The recent Customer Satisfaction Survey polled those served by Orion ISO in 13 areas of customer service including courteousness, online capabilities, timeliness of payroll and expense reimbursement, reporting, overall communication and others.


“I think our customers ’ comments and ratings on the survey speak for themselves,” said Erin Huldeen, Program Administrator for Orion ISO. “We continuously strive to provide our customers with high quality services. We use the feedback to determine areas where we are doing well and where further improvement is possible.” Huldeen added her team is currently working on a series of tutorials to encourage greater use of the company ’s web portal and online expense summary tool.


Orion ISO was one of the first agencies to provide consumer directed supports services in the state of Minnesota. Orion ISO bases its services on the philosophy of self-determination, principles that include individual control over resources and care as well as self-advocacy by those with disabilities and the elderly.


“Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measurement of how well we are doing our jobs, both on a day-to-day basis and long term,” said Cheryl Vennerstrom, COO of Orion ISO. “I ’m very proud of our team and their commitment to excellence.”

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