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At Orion ISO, we understand the communities in Minnesota are diverse and strive to serve the cultural and linguistic needs of all our clients. Through our partner CQ Fluency, we are proud to provide translation services in 175 languages. We are also able to provide services in American Sign Language for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our goal is to remove all obstacles in order to provide open and helpful communication with our clients, their families and caregivers.


Orion ISO’s provides services in 29 counties including 21 counties in greater Minnesota. We know individuals with disabilities, the elderly and family members should have access to the support they need wherever they reside. With in person interpretation, phone interpretation, and other translation services, we are able to ensure there are no geographical OR cultural barriers for the people we serve.


We are proud to offer many communication methods with Orion ISO Coordinators and representatives. From in person meetings in client homes to phone calls, postal mail to e-mail, to our comprehensive online and website features, we are working hard to meet the individual needs of all our consumers. Orion ISO consumer materials and training are provided in a wide variety of languages through this partnership, making our services even more accessible.


We appreciate cultural diversity and understand there are different cultures within the populations we serve in Minnesota. This is part of our commitment to providing self-directed services not only in the Twin Cities, but also across the state. Orion ISO provides self-directed services that offer the individual support based on their unique needs, including fluency in certain languages or knowledge of a particular cultural backgrounds.

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