Related  companies Morning Star Financial Services and Orion ISO mark 2013 as a year of achievement


Related companies Morning Star Financial Services and Orion ISO reported several successful outcomes in 2013. Both organizations provide participant-directed services for those with disabilities and the elderly.  Morning Star currently provides financial management and administrative services for Medicaid programs in Tennessee, Ohio, Utah and Oklahoma. Orion ISO is one of the largest providers of self-directed services in the state of Minnesota. Both companies are part of a unique group of organizations that has served individuals with disabilities and the elderly for the past 12 years.


“Most companies report success in terms of growth and it’s true we’ve grown rapidly in the past year.  However we feel it is crucial to define success by the quality of services we’re providing. We were very pleased to report more than 99% overall satisfaction from those we serve at Morning Star and, and more than 98% overall satisfaction for Orion ISO in 2013,” said Cheryl Vennerstrom, COO for both organizations.


Orion ISO also reported major advancements in technology capabilities including online timesheets and more robust views for expense reports.  In addition, Orion ISO added multilingual capabilities, offering services in more than 50 languages, including Chinese, Hindi, Hmong, Somali and Somali Bantu, Spanish and Russian. In 2013, Orion ISO also celebrated its 12th anniversary of service in 2013 to those with disabilities and the elderly in the state of Minnesota.


Morning Star finished the year with major milestones as well  becoming   become the State of Ohio’s sole Financial Management Service provider of self-directed services. Morning Star will provide payroll administrative services via Ohio’s state plan services and Medicaid Waivers for persons with disabilities, the elderly and their caregivers.  Morning Star is supporting more than 2500 Ohio residents and is the only agency providing these services in the state.


“Both Morning Star and Orion ISO have experienced tremendous success in many areas in 2013, but we are by no means becoming complacent,” said Dr. Rebecca Thomley, President of Morning Star Financial Services and Orion ISO. “A core principle for all of our related companies is continuous improvement, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all areas of service in 2014. We owe those we serve nothing less.”


Dr. Thomley added that in 2014, Morning Star Financial Services, Orion ISO and their related companies including Orion Associates , were recognized collectively by Inc. Magazine as the number one private business job creator within the state of Minnesota and the 28th private business job creator in the United States.

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