'Have Your Say'

Does it often feel like everywhere you go, you are being asked to complete some sort of a survey? Whether it’s an internet pop-up,  a phone call with your credit card company or on  grocery receipt in the checkout aisle, you’re constantly being asked for  feedback on your personal customer satisfaction.


While it might feel bothersome and time consuming, here are five convincing reasons you should complete those customer service surveys when asked:



  1. Companies actually want you to be happy and satisfied. Conducting a survey is a big undertaking and requires a lot of time and resources. Businesses wouldn’t go through the process of surveying unless they felt it was worth their time and money. The companies you work with genuinely want to know what they can do to make your customer experience better and how they can keep you happy. There are a lot of choices for consumers out there so the competition for your business is fierce. Happy customers remain customers.
  2. Your input really does matter. Do you wonder what the companies do with all the information they collect from surveys. Companies spend a significant amount of time analyzing the results and making future decisions based on what their customers have to say.  Many companies will do a follow up with you after the survey to address any concerns, and to let you know any planned improvements. If you don’t hear back after completing a survey feel free to follow up and ask about any plans to incorporate the survey results.
  3. It’s your chance to be honest (without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings).  If you have suggestions for improvements or if you really like certain things, be honest on the survey. You are typically  giving your information to an anonymous source, whether it’s a customer service rep, online form or  mail-in survey. Anonymity means you do not need to worry about hurting the feelings of your main contact.
  4. It saves you time as well. Your company really wants to keep you as a customer but chances are you don’t want the hassle of changing companies either.  Completing that survey is a good way to establish loyalty on both ends. Like any good relationship, honest communication and feedback is key.
  5. You are doing a good deed. If you are still on the fence about completing that survey think about it as a good deed.  Businesses really value the information they get back from surveys. Even simple questions like how did you find them or whether or not you would refer someone are incredibly helpful for them.


Company surveys are usually relatively quick and  don’t take up much of your valuable time. Although they may seem like a nuisance, they really can have long-term benefits for you as a customer.


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