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Attending a conference is a great way to meet and connect with people who have the same interests. It’s also an excellent way to gain new information. Instead of actively seeking out books or online information a conference provides the opportunity to hear people speak and present in person and gives you the ability to interact and gain new perspectives. Conferences are also chances to devote a block of time, whether it a partial day or a number of days, just to learning.

We’ve found two upcoming conferences that you may be interested in:


ASSETS Conference


Where: Bellevue, WA
When: October 21-23, 2013
Description: The ASSETS conference explores the design, evaluation, and use of computing and information technologies to benefit people with disabilities and older adults. ASSETS presents innovative research on mainstream and specialized assistive technologies, accessible computing, and assistive applications of computer, network, and information technologies. This includes the use of technology by and in support of:


    • Individuals with hearing, sight and other sensory impairments


    • Individuals with motor impairments


    • Individuals with memory, learning and cognitive impairments


    • Individuals with multiple impairments


    • Older adults with diverse capabilities


    • Professionals who work with these populations


Early bird registration starting August 19th.
To register or learn more:


TASH Conference


Where: Chicago, IL
When: December 11-14, 2013
Description: This conference focuses on advocacy by bringing together research, practice and advocacy. The TASH Conference builds bridges between stakeholders in the field and unites them in advancing inclusive lives for people with significant disabilities. This year’s theme. A Movement United, draws its inspiration from three challenges facing the disability community today: 1) People with disabilities are often lumped into segregated (or parallel) systems and services; 2) there are significant gaps in the communication between systems and services; and 3) the wide array of stakeholders in the disability field approach issues differently, and are not always aligned to advanced the common goal – equity, opportunity and inclusion in all aspects of community life. Registration now open To register or learn more:


Have you attended any other great conferences that you would like to share? Send us an e-mail with the link to the conferences here.

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